• Viaje a Finlandia / Trip to Finland (Helsinki & Jyväskylä)

    The last days of 2008 I spent in the North I was travelling with Helene to Finland. She planned months ago to meet with one friend. And me… well, we all know how much I like to travel, right?

    Read the text and see the photos...
    We arrived at the Helsinki airport the 11th of December… That day we didn’t really a lot of the city, because we just gone to the train station to depart to Jyväskylä. The way was simple… less than 300km… but it took about 5 hours (30min waiting in Tampere, where we had to switch train)

    Romana and Sebastian were waiting for us in the train station in Jyväskylä… and that was all for the 11th. Next day, we went to see some of the city. It was really beautiful, all snowed, but the city itself… well… it was… ugly…

    But, as I said, the view were just beautiful, because of the snow.

    Ok, but not all was ugly in Jyväskylä…

    I was personally interested in the University. As many people know, Jyväskylä was my first choice to go on Erasmus. Fortunately, someone else choose it, and I went to the wonderful Bergen, where I would know my lovely Helene.

    After Jyväskylä we went back to Helsinki. It’s easy to describe: some buildings are really big, and very pretty by night. The rest is just normal stuff of an European capital city centre. And, of course, outside the downtown, everything is just normal, as in many other places. Far away from Edinburgh, Hamburg, Paris, New York or even Bergen. But close to Oslo.

    Ok, so, the big white building is the Cathedral of Helsinki. It domains the skyline of the city, and is one of the most attractive touristic attractions of the city. The other big cathedral is an orthodox one, Uspenski. There are more descriptions of the places in my Picasa album.

    Finally, out of the downtown we saw a group of islands in which there’re some interesting buildings, and cannons. The islands were a sea fort to defend the city, but the cannons are Russians… I really think that them built something really important (military talking) there first… By the way, I’m talking about the Suomelinna Islands.

    Oh, the sunset over the Baltic is beautiful…

    I would want to show to all of you a picture that I took in the port, and that I really like it…

    This picture was taken by Helene. The last day we took the flybus to the airport. It’s the central train station.

    It was an interesting trip, and very important, for personal reasons. Because one person really important and special to me. I’m really looking forward my next trip, to Österreich.

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