• Trip to Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

    Yes... A great trip with my girlfriend Helene across her country, Austria, and also going to Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. So far, one of the best trips ever.

    Ver fotografías...

    Well, well, well… after almost a month since my return to Bergen, finally I’ve finished to upload the pictures from the trip to Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. But this trip was not a take-three-countries trip (ok, four if we count also Germany), it was a trip to see my lovely Helene, and to see her place, Wernstein am Inn. And of course, to spend time with her.

    What…? I believe in a thing called love…

    So, taking a look of the pictures, this is Wernstein am Inn, and also the Inn and Neuburg am Inn, at the german side.

    Passau is a german city in which rivers Inn and Donau converge. It’s a really beautiful city, as well as the path we took from Wernstein to go there along the Inn.

    Also Schärding was a place we visited a lot. It’s in Austria. Here you can see pictures of Schärding itself, but also pictures of the path along the Inn from Wernstein to Schärding, at the german side.

    As the Inn was frozen, people were playing curling stone (eisstockschießen in German). Very nice.

    Well, not so frozen...

    Also we visited Mauthausen. I didn’t take pictures from the inside. I thought that it would be a lack of respect. But I have to say that have been in a concentration camp has been one of the most emotive as well as hard experiences of my life.

    Brunau am Inn, the brithtown of Hitler, was in our way to Salzburg. This is his house, in which Hitler was born.

    Salzburg is a truly pretty city, besides the birthtown of Mozart.

    And, of course, Vienna.

    Few days later we made a trip crossing Alps mountains, from Austria to Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

    The first city we visited was Innsbruck.

    Afterwards, the way from Innsbruck to Bregenz, and also Bregenz itself.

    Talking about Liechtenstein there is only one thing to mention: the castle of Vaduz, and that’s all, so far. It’s a joke country.

    Switzerland… ok. Alps. All Alps were just… awesome. But the swiss part was especially amazing, amazing. Something truly remarkable. These pictures are from Chur, the way from Chur to Zürich, and also Zürich. Believe me, Alps are something tremendously beautiful.

    Maybe some of you are asking yourselves, where the hell I am, where the hell are the pictures in which I appear. Starting here… click to go.

    It is also possible to see all these pictures, plus few more, located and commented on the Picasa album. Just click here to go.

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